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J.A. Johnson Ministries is committed to teaching salvation and purpose to a lost generation and ministering the life of faith that Jesus taught in Mark 11:22-24 that we can have whatsoever we say. God has given Dr. Johnson the gift of healing to speak to headaches, asthma and backaches and teaching the message of prosperity.  We aspire to reach believers at home and abroad and share the good news of the gospel.



We’re glad you found our site and if you are like most Christians you desire to live a better life.  You desire better health, greater finances, stronger relationships and life experiences.  Are you tired of dealing with the same problems week in and week out with no solutions?  Do you desire something more? Do you desire a life of victory? Do you like what you are hearing? Do you feel like you are in a hole and can’t get out? Don’t confess you are broke, in debt or never have enough money.  Don’t confess you are sick all the time, your health is poor or that you are terminally ill. Don’t struggle with fear constantly, anxiety or depression. Don’t say I’m struggling with addiction or living a life not pleasing to God.  Live a life of victory in your marriage, personal relationships at home and at work. Confess my problems are behind me and I know how to solve them and now I see my life turning around. There is a change in my life for the good. I confess now I have a great life. I feel good about myself. God is my life and salvation. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus because He is my Sheperd and I shall not want. When I confess Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord all the promises of God became real to me and now no weapon formed against me shall prosper.  Now, I understand what it means to have Christ, the Anointed One, the Lord of my life. I’m filled with the Holy Spirit.  He’s my teacher and He’s my leader. I have peace and joy in my life with Christ.



Thank you again for visiting J.A. Johnson ministries.  We are committed to helping you live the victorious life through the teaching of the principles of faith found in the word of God. When applied you will see changes in your life.  There is no valley too low or mountain too high that you can’t go around, or through any problem that comes your way.  You are victorious.  See your way through! Talk to your mountains.  Tell the wilderness I’m crossing over Jordan into the Promise Land.  I’ve seen the Promise Land and it looks better than the wilderness. Dry up river because here I come! Promise Land, open the rivers of life because I’m here to stay! I’ve come too far to turn around.  Speak to your problems and circumstances and they will leave!